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What Is Dreams?

Dreams is a Game Engine, that comes with a game. You can make anything you want (within reason), and play anything that you (or others) create.

Can I make X?

Yes. Unless it's an MMO or FMV.

When's the Beta?

2018, most likely within the next few months. No one knows yet, it hasn't been announced.

When's release?

2019 (Most likely Q1)

How many Players will there be?

Well at release there will be 4 player same console no split screen (The story however will be 2 player co-op offline)

In an update there will be 4 players online maybe 8[1]

Is the Beta Open or Closed?

There will be OPEN signups for the beta, however there MAY be a limited amount of people allowed in but they are not sure yet.[2]

Is the Beta Free?

Yes the Beta will be Free.

Do you need PS Plus for the Beta?

Unfortunately there is no current answer for that. However due to the nature of it being open and free we are to assume that you do NOT need PS Plus, however if there is a reason for you to have it, it would most likely be for Sony's Testing agreements.

Is there Split Screen?

No, multiple players can play on the same console but there is only one screen. Maybe someone will do the impossible and make split screen in a level but it would be extremely difficult

Can multiple people work on a Dream/Level at the same time?

Yes and no. In local play with more than one person it is not possible to create at the same time, however more than one person can be active in the scene and while one creates the other can play around in the scene. Online co-creation is not possible at launch, neither is online multiplayer so presumably with the online update will come online co-creation. However in beta and at launch you can form collab group in which you can share things privately and even work on the same level/dream just not at the same time.


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Made By The Molecules - -DreamsPS4

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The Making of the Molecules Livestream - -DreamsPS4

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